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郵政匯票寄達日:4/13(一) ~ 4/17(五)





Pilot TOCFL on April 18 th is Cancelled Now!

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Taiwan, we regret to inform you that the TOCFL Listening & Reading pilot test held on Sunday, April 18 th , 2020 has to be cancelled. You will receive an email from SC-TOP. Please fill in the questionnaire before March 22 nd , 2020 to let us know you get the information.

If you already paid, please do provide your mailing address in the questionnaire. SC-TOP will send you the full refund with the form of a postal order by registered mail.

Deadline of Questionnaire:3/22(Sun.)

Mailing date for the postal order:4/13(Mon.) ~ 4/17(Fri.)

※If no one can answer the door when the postman deliver the mail to you, he/she will leave a notice in your mailbox. Your registered mail will be reversed in the post office within 15 days, please collect it with the notice and your ARC.

※You can cash the postal money order at any Post Office in Taiwan. Please have your passport or ARC when you cash it.

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